Slovenian packaging oscar

Slovenian packaging oscar 2024

Professional assessment for the 40th SLOVENIAN PACKAGING OSCAR 2024

We invite you to confirm the originality of your packaging solutions, content protection, functionality, technical perfection and visual identity, by participating in the professional assessment for the 40th SLOVENIAN PACKAGING OSCAR 2024!

The competition is traditionally held under the auspices of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. Especially welcome are designers, inventors, constructors, manufacturers and users of packaging who seek to raise the reputation of their products and trade marks on the Slovenian market.

Your products will be assessed by an independent expert jury in accordance with rules, which are in line with European rules and regulations

The criteria of the jury for conferring the nominations and awards of the Slovenian Packaging Oscar are given in more detail in the Rules, but most of these are: originality, innovation, protecting the content (the safety and hygiene of the product), the sustainable aspects of the packaging and its production, practicality of use, aesthetics, marketing communication, and consistency between product, packaging and marketing messages.

– We invite you to register your products for assessment, in accordance with the enclosed Rules, by 30th April 2024 at the following address:

Pomurski sejem, d.o.o., Cesta na Stadion 2, 9250 Gornja Radgona, Slovenia, e-mail:

– The deadline for delivery of the samples is 17th May 2024.

– The expert assessment of your products and creations will be in May 2024.

– The announcement of the competition results and presentation of awards SLOVENIAN PACKAGING OSCAR 2024 will be at the 62nd AGRA Fair in Gornja Radgona. At this trade fair a special exhibition will present all the competing products, which can be seen by about 120,000 visitors!

The entry fee for the first product registered is 300 € and for each subsequent Product 250 € (+ 22% VAT).


For further information, please contact:
Miran Mate, Project Manager,
T: +386 41 263 107,